Art Collective, Classes, and Commissions in the Texas Hill Country.

We ❤️ Art is a collective of various age and level artists in the Texas Hill Country.

We offer art classes in Boerne, Bandera, and Kerrville, TX. Please see classes for what is currently being offered.

We also do children and BYOB adult art parties at your residence or your event center. Please see parties for more information.

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Handmade items can be purchased through the store. Support your local artists, young and old!


Project day…

I find that the most tedious part of art projects isn’t getting your hands dirty, it’s keeping your hands clean.

I try to plan a batch of similar work and then prep it all together.

Here I spent hours preparing my photos at a laser jet printers. I was bored, I was pacing, but now I have it done with.


Then I came home and laid out everything I was working on…


Waited 24 hours and boom, had a bunch of stuff to get my hands messy with.


One of my favorite parts of working this way is that you get some successes and some failures. It’s better than spending all day working and winding up with a dud!